Why Looking for Staff is Similar to Dating!

Firstly, I have owned both a Dating & Relationship Agency, and now a Recruitment business.

I have come to the conclusion that dating is very similar to looking for your next team member.

Firstly, when we are dating, we go out and buy a new outfit, perfume, get our hair and make up done (ladies), and put our best foot forward. Normally, we chat to our friends about the date, what to wear, how to act, and the list goes on. Well, this may seem like great advice. HOWEVER… the problem is that other people don’t always give the best advice!!!!!

What you will hear is their interpretation of what has happened to them in the past, and all of their bad (or sometimes good) experiences. The LAST thing you should do is listen to their bad experiences or negativity. The BEST thing you can do before rushing out to buy a new outfit or get your hair done is to take the time to really look at yourself, and a hard question to ask is……


I know, it is a hard question! Or you may believe everyone – that anyone would be lucky to have you, except your horrible ex – I think we have all heard this. Well I am sure this is true, however, we all have things that we can work on, and bring positively into a relationship.

So, some advice – please take time to think about how you treat someone in a relationship. How do you communicate? What can you bring into the relationship? These are all very important things to consider. And then, once you have had time to reflect (and get over the experience from your past, especially if it is a bad one), then maybe you are ready to move forward and go dating.

And then, once you find that person, the relationship journey continues – it is not all wine and roses, and the honeymoon period finishes. And then, you need to work on yourself to be the best partner, and to ensure that your relationship is happy and you are meeting each others’ needs.


One question, I would ask a salon/business owner to think about is: Why would someone want to work with me? Are you open to listening to your team members, and really listening and hearing what they want also?

Are you prepared to work with them to ensure that they are happy working with you and your team? Statistics show that you probably spend just as much time (or sometimes more) with your work colleagues than you family…so it needs to be harmonious.

Final advice, before you start advertising for your next team member, we would highly recommend doing some thinking about what you can offer your next team member, and then once you find them, the work continues to keep the work relationship harmonious. As without the right team, you cannot look after your valuable clients.

Or if you need our advice, we are here for you to help and guide you also. Please feel free to call:

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