The Most Important Relationship In Your Life

Written by: Lizzie Oz

You are there for your employees, your life partner, your family, your friends, your beloved pet and even people you barely know! But you're there. Constantly and consistently. Always putting others first. Without thinking, without questioning, without hesitation or even without a doubt.

You show up time and time again, day after day, week after week and month after month, never expecting anything else in return, because... you 'love to please' or you 'love to give' or you 'love to care', maybe it's all of these!

How does it make you feel?

Really, take a moment to pause and ponder that right now...

I'm valued, I'm wanted, I'm needed, I'm loved - I'm EXHAUSTED??!!

Consider this, if you gave the same amount of time and energy, love and care to yourself as you do with others, how do you think you would feel from within?

Loved. Nurtured. Safe. Valued. Protected. Supported.

We very easily put others before ourselves and it's not your fault! You have learned this through your childhood conditioning and now live this way as an adult. Think about it... did you take on a 'Mother' or 'Father' role whilst growing up? Be the responsible and mature sibling while everyone else was having fun? Did you feel left out or behind or not good enough in things you did during your younger years?

Not all is lost! If you resonate with this... this is where this all began. Remember, you were a child with no choice or no voice. You absorbed all of what happened whilst growing up - positive or negative. You're an adult now and get to decide. To become aware. To change your habit of always putting everyone else first.

When you care for yourself as you do with others, not only will you eliminate the guilt, you'll feel amazing and empowered! You'll strengthen your connection with others without compromising the connection with yourself and you'll value the most important relationship in your life - YOU!

And the best part... everyone and everything else will flow and feel more abundant than ever before!

You first, then others!

Now, reading this is a great first step... but the real change only happens with action.

Start with just 15 minutes a day of non-negotiable 'me time', do something that makes you feel good and go from there. Commit. Put it in your calendar, turn your phone to flight mode, then... embrace nature, music, meditation, stillness, mindfulness, yoga, stretching, deep breathing, creative writing, drawing - anything - for YOU!

You'll be amazed the changes you feel based on a concept that's so simple, achievable and because you downright deserve it!

The Most Important Relationship In Your Life Is YOU!

With care and compassion,

Lizzie Oz

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